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Welcome to Tootsville! You're a little early, but we're happy to meet you.

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Tootsville is a fun, on-line, multi-player game where anyone can play, build, and explore the magical island of Tootanga as a Toot character.

What are the Rules?[edit]

The Terms of Service are the most important rules. The whole set of rules are our Core:Pages.

Make sure you understand the Diamond Icons.

How do I sign up?[edit]

Registering your account is pretty easy.

How do I control the game?[edit]

The Game Controls can be operated (right now) with a keyboard and mouse (or other pointing device, like a touchscreen).

Here are some things you can do: Move and Talk Pick up and Use Items Store Items in Containers


Tootsville V builds upon the legacy of Res Interactive's Tootsville in providing a safe, supportive environment to all our players. You'll probably make new friends quickly, but it can help to learn your way around and learn about places where you might find activities you'll enjoy.

In-game History[edit]