Pre-Release Warning

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Tootsville V is a Pre-Release Game

This game is not yet ready for the spotlight. In fact, very little is actually working right now.

When will it be ready?[edit]

An alpha release of the game will be coming in 2021. At that point, major features of the game will all be in place, but lots of work remains. Later, a beta release will come out, which will be feature-complete. Beyond that is the official release 5.0.0.

What can I do, today?[edit]

Our community is busy, though. Tootsbook, our news and blog site, has frequent updates about the progress of our development, as well as interesting stories about the Toots (elephants) and Tootsville (city).

Here in the Wiki-Wiki, you can start from the Main page and learn more about the world of Tootanga.

If you were one of our Legacy Players from Res Interactive's Tootsville, we'd love to hear about your previous adventures. Why not start a new Tootsbook blog and tell us?

We're also somewhat active on Social Media. Follow or Like us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Tumblr to keep up to date.

Are We There Yet?[edit]

You can watch this page for major updates. If you create a free account on the Wiki-Wiki (look in the top-right corner of the screen for a link), you can click the Settings Wheel icon on the top of this (or any) page to watch the page, get notifications whenever it's changed.

You can also watch Tootsbook or our Social Media feeds for news and updates.

Watch our Progress[edit]

Most of the current progress is happening in Software Development. The Builder Toots have the main project files on GitHub, where we track features and bugs remaining to be worked out. Developer links are at