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Tootsville fell on hard times back in 2012 and nobody could register a new account. Sometimes, players couldn't even sign in.

Without the players' wish magic to fight them off, Shade managed to create the Evil mayor, who looked like a Toot but was actually stuffed with straw and smoke. Using the Evil mayor, Shade finally was able to turn off the Toot Square Wishing Well fountain using controls that the Troops had hidden in a Secret Troops Bunker. Smudge poisoned each of the wells, and bit by bit, Tootanga turned into a barren wasteland of purple volcanic sand.

All hope seemed lost, but Codfish Howie and Catvlle, among the last of the Toots who had not vanished into dust, were able to bring the Basic 8 together in the Secret Troops Bunker. They turned the fountain back on and together wished for Shade to be trapped in Shaddow Falls.

It was a victory, and the Evil mayor collapsed as Shade was banished into the Shaddow Zone, hopefully forever. But it was too late for Tootsville.


  • “Why is it so dark?”
  • “It's always dark, in the beginning.”

When Res Interactive, LLC went out of business, we came up with this story to explain the rebuilding of Tootsville.

Catvlle (User:BRFennPocock) and Codfish Howie were the two staff members who put together this resurrection.