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A grey monster with a spotted squid-like head, but only two arm-like tentacles and two legs. Has two eyes, also, and instead of a squid's beak, has a tube-like mouth/proboscis.

Leaves behind inky pollution wherever he goes.

When he speaks, his dialog looks oily or “drippy.”



In Tootsville IV, Smudge would sometimes emerge from the sea at Big Tootoona Beach and pollute the beach, before starting to make his way toward the Wishing Well fountain in Toot Square to try to pollute it. Players would clean up behind Smudge and chase him back into the sea.

As told in the online comics, Smudge tried to murder Sparkle by marooning her in space.

Tootsville comic10.jpg


A bug in the Smudge character program once caused Big Tootoona Beach to “jam up.” Players who tried to travel there couldn't move until Builder Toots teleported them all out of the area and cleaned up the pollution.

Tootsville IV Dialog[edit]

Actual game control settings and dialog from (at one time) Smudge:

npc.Smudge.say.0=Bwa ha ha! I love making a mess!
npc.Smudge.say.1=I'm going to leave these smudgy spots all over \
npc.Smudge.say.2=Soon Tootsville will be dark and sticky like \
	Shaddow Falls!
npc.Smudge.say.3=Shade will be so proud of me.
npc.Smudge.say.4=Ha ha ha! Another sticky mess.
npc.Smudge.say.5=These gooey messes will take forever to clean up!
npc.Smudge.say.6=Those Toots will never stop the Shadows.
npc.Smudge.say.7=Try as you might, but you and your TootTroop \
	will never stop me!

# Response to kids saying "Hi Smudge" &c.
npc.Smudge.hi.0=What do you want?
npc.Smudge.hi.1=Leave me alone! I'm busy.
npc.Smudge.hi.2=Want to help me smudge up the place?

# Response to kids saying "Shade" or "Shadow" or "Shaddow"
npc.Smudge.hearShade.0=I love to mess things up
npc.Smudge.hearShade.1=Shade rules!
npc.Smudge.hearShade.2=Shadows rule!

#"Where is Shade?"
# - Shade is not live in game
npc.Smudge.wheresShade.absent=Shade is getting ready to take over \
# - Shade is live in game (somewhere)
npc.Smudge.wheresShade.present=Shade is taking over Tootsville

#On seeing Shade:
npc.Smudge.seeShade=Bwa ha ha! Look, Shade, I've made a mess of \
#(increases rate of dropping oil slicks)
#On seeing Zap:
npc.Smudge.seeZap=Oh, no! You keep those lightning bolts away from me!
#(runs away through any exit from screen)
#Reaction to /zap emote:
npc.Smudge.zapEmote=That darn Zap. He's a Tooty do-gooder!
#Reaction to /peace emote:
#(*Note: appears when kid types /peace or cleans up oil slick)
npc.Smudge.peace.0="Peace, Love, and Harmony," huh? I'll bet she'd \
	want you to clean up my beautiful oil slicks!
npc.Smudge.peace.1=Harmony might try to stop me -- but I keep making \
npc.Smudge.peace.2=You little do-gooders can't stop me! I'll make \
	Tootsville just like Shaddow Falls!

# Smudge/Harmony oil slick items


# Kid walks into a slick spot:
# Admin message:
game.oilSlick.clean.first=You've cleaned up one of Smudge's messes! \
	Harmony will be so proud of you!
game.oilSlick.clean.later=You've cleaned up one of Smudge's messes! \
	Harmony will be so happy! You have now cleaned up %d messes.

#Whenever kid without the scrubber hits an oil slick:
game.oilSlick.goop.adm=Oh no! You've stepped in some icky goop. This \
	looks like Shade's pal Smudge has been making a mess of \
	Tootsville again! Go find Harmony!
#Kid with scrubber:
#Other kids will see the /peace emote and see the oil slick disappear.