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Bruce-Robert Fenn Pocock


Hello. I'm that guy who's currently the Benevolent Dictator behind Violet Volts. I was around from Tootsville II's early days and the main architect of Tootsville IV. I also set forth most of the policies and did a lot of the redesign work for Tootsville V after many years of effort.

These days, I have a day job that has nothing to do with gaming, but I'm still the main developer “here,” as well, which means things move a bit slowly.

I also write most of the posts on Tootsbook, at least, so most of the time when you're reading that, it's me writing it.

Hit me up if you have any questions about, well, anything to do with Tootsville at all. Always glad to help.

My résumé with Tootsville[edit]

My name[edit]

Given name: Bruce-Robert. (Brewss-Rah-burrt) Surname: Fenn Pocock. (Fin-Poe-kahk)


brfennpocock AT

Or email support@Tootsville.Adventuring.Click