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Pil is the only Toot who existed before the Basic 8 arrived.

Pil is child-like, but has immense magical powers.

Pil is a girl, is purple, and has yellow lightning-bolts, just like Zap.

She prefers to walk as a Quad.


In the game server for Tootsville IV, Pil was the embodiment of the system “root” (“God”) account, user ID #0.

In other words, Pil created the universe.

The name “Pil” is “Elephant” in ancient Hebrew. The logic goes: In the book of Genesis, God creates man and names him “Adam,” which is “man” in ancient Hebrew. Then, he asks “man” (“Adam”) to name all the other creatures. It stands to reason that “Adam” must have named them in ancient Hebrew, then; so the first elephant must have been named “Pil.”

(I know that's such a long stretch of logic, but we really did put this much thought into things in the Engineering Department, all the time. BRFennPocock (talk) 13:57, 22 July 2016 (PDT))