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One of the Basic 8

Leader of the Toots

First Toot on the Moon

Old sign-up page[edit]

“Mischievous Zap is here one second and gone in a flash! As Tootsville's speediest member, Zap loves race cars, motorcycles and anything fast and exciting. He is full of energy and always challenging his friends to a race. Watch out for Zap as his zips around Tootsville at electrifying speeds! I'm eeeeeeeeeeeelectric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(yeah, they really used that many exclamation marks. It's gross.)


A special 3D Zap character was created for a promo video, but nobody at Res Interactive at the time got a copy of the model used.

Appeared in the Zap's Electric Slide video.

Featured in PrimaryGames TV video.

Zap was going to be named “Zappy,” and the Quad toot Flash files used in Res Interactive's Tootsville contained a layer named “Zappy_1” regardless of which of the Basic 8 characters the file represented.