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Res Interactive created the original four Tootsville games (Res Interactive's Tootsville) beginning in 2008. After Tootsville went off-line in late 2012, Res may have attempted to produce other games, including one based on 1980's rock band Molly Hatchet, but these other games don't appear to have ever been completed.

It's possible one “Angry Birds” clone based upon Dragon Bites may have been released for iPhone?

In fall 2014, Res was administratively dissolved by the State after failing to file routine reports. A number of outstanding legal judgements, including a hefty IRS lien, are being held against the LLC, and the officers of the dissolved corporation have not disposed of the copyrights it held.

Res's web site could still be seen at as late as July, 2016, but was off-line by October, 2016.


The LLC's founding officers were:

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IRS Lien[edit]