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Read this carefully.

“You” refers to any user (player). “We” refers to the Corporation for Inter-World Tourism and Adventuring (CIWTA) and our staff and volunteers.

Terms of Service[edit]

You can Play[edit]

This game is here to be enjoyed. In order for everyone to enjoy it, however, we must all follow the rules.

If you do not follow the rules, you must not play.

This includes the Tootsville online game, and all its supporting services: the Wiki, Tootsbook, and all other services that we operate.

Parental Supervision[edit]

You must sign in with an external account. Currently, this must be a Google Account or Twitter account.

Users under the age of 13 must not sign in, in this way. Users under the age of 13 must use a Child account created by a parent or guardian.

Parents are responsible for monitoring their child's online interactions.


If you do not abide by these rules, there may be consequences.

  • We may use technology to block your access to the game.
  • If you do something illegal, we may report crimes to law enforcement agencies, or sue you in civil court.
  • We can take any action necessary to protect our players, their enjoyment of the game, or other things that belong to us or are used by us, such as computer systems and software.

What is allowed[edit]

You can play this game if you abide by the rules of the game and these Terms of Service.

You can make certain fair use of our copyrighted materials and free (libre) and open source software. See: FOSS

Common Community Standards[edit]

These rules are summarized as: Be Nice

  • No Illegal Activities — You must not use our services to perform, promote, or encourage anyone to do anything that is illegal.
    • No Child Exploitation — We have ZERO tolerance for exploiting or abusing children or young people. We will forward any case we discover to law enforcement.
  • No Hate Speech — You must not create or share content, or talk in a way, that encourages violence or discrimination against any group of people. This includes offensive speech about people of a certain religion, sex, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, romantic orientation, physical disability, or mental disability (among other things).
    • You many not promote any organization who does so.
    • No Harassment, Bullying, nor Threats
  • No Impersonation of other people.
    • No sharing other people's personal or confidential information
  • No Gambling for real-world winnings (eg: goods, services, or money).
  • No Spam — You may not send unwanted promotions for a commercial, political, nor non-profit organization.

We will apply our own judgment in deciding if they have been violated.

Contextual Standards[edit]

All players must be aware of the Diamond ◆ symbol next to children's character names, and the names of players who are sensitive to certain discussions.

What may be appropriate to discuss among your friends may not be appropriate to discuss with everyone. Discussions of alcohol, religion, smoking, sex, and other topics may be offensive to some players and inappropriate with children.

Take care to not discuss these topics around players who are children or who have said that they do not want to hear these things.

  • Adult Discussions in Adult Areas Only — There are specific areas in the game which are clearly marked as being Adults Only areas. Outside of these areas:
    • No Sexual Discussion
    • No Discussion of Violence
    • No Discussion of Smoking, Alcohol, or Drug Use
    • No Obscenity or Profanity
    • Even in adult areas, No Extreme Obscenities, and No Wanton/Gratuitous Violence.

No Cheating[edit]

If you intentionally modify the game software or data, interfere with communications, or otherwise take actions to bypass the game's rules and coding, you are committing a crime, not to mention spoiling the fun for everyone. Don't do it.

We have final say.[edit]

Sorry, but we have to say it. Ultimately, this is our game, and if someone finds a way to misbehave that we didn't think of, we have the right to "tell you to leave."