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Adults-only locations are “safe havens” for adult players to have adult discussions.

In order to enter an Adults Only space, you must:

* Verify that you are age 18 or greater,
* and confirm that you understand what an Adults Only space may contain.

Why do they exist?[edit]

Some people may be offended by discussions about alcohol, smoking, sex, or other topics, or the use of profanity. Players are encouraged particularly to avoid these topics when you see a white diamond or black diamond icon — these indicate that a sensitive player, or child, is nearby and can “hear” you.

The Adults Only spaces let you engage in “offensive to some” conversations without worrying about offending someone.

Hate Speech and Bullying are Never Allowed[edit]

Even in these “safe havens,” hate speech and bullying are *never* permitted.

Where are they?[edit]

In Toot Square Mall is Quiggen's Coffee. Also in Tootsville (city) is the Dawn Montgomery Cabaret, and at Taft Landing is Blossum's Scuttlebutt.