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Tootsville Game Controls[edit]

You'll need a mouse (or other pointing device, such as a pen or touchscreen) and keyboard to play. If you want to play on a mobile device that doesn't have a built-in keyboard, we strongly recommend using a BlueTooth or other external keyboard.


There are five objects around the edges of your screen. At the top-left is the Control Panel (with the Tootsville T logo). At the bottom-left is your Toot's mobile. At the bottom center is the Talk Box. At the bottom right is your Toot's paperdoll. At the top right may be an item that you're holding in your trunk.

To walk to a spot in the game, click on that spot. To take a single step, press an arrow key.

Shift + Page Up or F7 or

To see another person's Player Card, click on their Toot or their Toot's name tag.

To use an object in the game world, like opening a door, click on it.

Using the Mouse (or other pointer)[edit]

To open the Control Panel, click on the T logo at the top-left. From here, you can set the background music volume, go to fullscreen mode, configure a gamepad, get help, download the latest web browser from Mozilla Firefox, or quit the game.

To open your Mobile, click on the mobile icon at the bottom-left. From here, you can access your Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Map, Messages, and Wallet.

To access the Talk Box, click in the open area and type what you want to say. To change how loudly you are speaking, click on the speech balloon icon to the left. To add emoji characters, click on the elephant icon.

To access your Paperdoll, click on the paperdoll icon in the bottom-right. From here you can change your clothes, review your inventory, and hold equipment items in your trunk.

To use an item you're holding in your trunk, click on the picture of it at the top-right of the screen, then click on where you want to use it.

Using the Keyboard[edit]

Some keyboard shortcuts say Control/Command. On a Macintosh computer, use the Command key. On a Linux or Windows PC, use Control.

Some keyboard shortcuts say Alt/Meta/Option. On a Macintosh computer, use the Option key. On a Linux computer, use Meta or Alt. On a Windows PC, use Alt. Do not use the AltGr key for this (if you have one).

Sometimes the function (F-number) keys won't work in certain web browsers, so you won't always be able to use those shortcuts.

Control Panel[edit]

To open the Control Panel, press F10, Menu, or Control/Command + PageUp or Alt/Meta/Option + PageUp.

To change the music volume, press Control/Command + the Arrow Up / Arrow Down keys.

To get help, press F1 or Help.


To open your mobile, press Page Down or Alt/Meta/Option + M or F3.

To go directly to your Contacts, press Control/Command + Page Down, or F6.

To go directly to your Camera, press Shift + Page Down, or Print, or F9. Your camera will immediately take a photo, so this is a quick way to snap what's happening in the game!

Talk Box[edit]

To open your talk box, press Home or Control/Command + A, or End or Control/Command + E, or F4.

To hide your Talk Box, press Control/Command + Home or Alt/Meta/Option + H.

To change your talking volume to SHOUTING, press Control/Command + , (comma). To talk normally, press Control/Command + / (slash) or Control/Command + ' (apostrophe). To whisper, press Control/Command + . (period, full stop).


To open your paperdoll, press Page Up or F2 or Alt/Meta/Option + P.

Equipped Item[edit]

To use your equipped item, press Shift + Home or hold Shift and click on an object.

To switch to your second item, press Shift + Page Up or F7.