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Registering and joining the game is easy, and will only take a few minutes. You will need a valid Google Account first, so you must be at least 13 years old.

Go to the web page[edit]

In your web browser's location (address) bar, type “

You should see that the web site has a secure “lock” icon on the address bar.

  • This is a great page to save to your Bookmarks or Favorites!

Find the big, burgundy (reddish-purple) button that says Play Now and click it.

  • Please be patient here. The game may take a minute to load the software.

Sign in with Google or Twitter[edit]

After a moment, you'll see buttons to sign in with Google or Twitter. Click whichever you like.

Google or Twitter may pop up a window to confirm your identity — or, they might not. You may have to enter your Google (or Twitter password, or confirm that you want to sign in to the game. This will appear in a new tab or pop-up window.

Once you've signed in, your name and Google or Twitter account portrait will appear.

  • Facebook logins are not supported out of concerns about privacy of our players.

Create your character[edit]

If you have not played before, Parrot Nick will ask you to create your new Toot character.

You can customize the character, or just continue with the randomly-generated character design given to you.

  • You'll be able to change your character's appearance from within the game with wish magic, but it's cool to start with a character you already like.

Your character's name must be unique and not offensive to other players. Find out more about Toot names.

Get into the game[edit]

You can immediately play the game now. Parrot Nick and Parrot Jodie will ask you a few questions as you travel through the Tootangan Wish Mist to make sure you know the rules and understand the controls.

Playing Tootsville[edit]

Check out the Game Controls