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Toots (elephants) must each have a unique name that is not offensive to other players.

Toot names must follow these rules[edit]

  • The name must be unique.
    • This uniqueness is case-sensitive: so, “Moo,” “MOO,” and “moo” are not unique names.
  • The name must begin with a letter.
  • After the first letter, the name may also use hyphens (“-”) to separate between words.
  • The name must be between 4 and 32 characters in length. (Special Characters may have a shorter name, like “Zap.”)
  • The name may end with a number between 0 and 9999, if you like.

These are valid Toots names[edit]

  • Catvlle
  • Shader
  • Codfish-Howie
  • Pohatcong1
  • The-answer-is-42

These are not valid names[edit]

  • 2dogs — starts with a number
  • see4ever — has a number in the middle
  • billy_was_here — uses _ characters
  • Silly☺ — uses ☺ emoticon