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One of the Basic 8 characters.

Pattern: Black spots on white. The plushes were notable for having leather-like black patches.

Moo is notable for being “funny.” He is also the scientist/engineer of the Basic 8, and runs the Milk Labs, creating devices that run on fairy dust


At Res Interactive, LLC some folks didn't like the Moo character, so they kept trying to replace him with Rad, Harmony, Props, and even Picasso, but he became the favorite of the Engineering team, and we gave him important rôles to play in a lot of stories.

Wearing Moo's Pattern when firing the Bubble Shooter gave it triple power. Also, the Wish Magic Shield Belts were more effective at stopping Shadow Mist when wearing Moo's pattern.

Old sign-up page[edit]

“Watch out, cause Moo loves playing pranks on his friends! He's full of funny jokes and he can be found hamming it up in Toots Square or the Big Top Circus! Before his comedy act, he drinks a big glass of cold milk to keep his energy high. Moo is the class clown of Tootsville! MMMove Over...I'm Coming Through!”