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This process does not yet werk

This page describes how we plan to implement Child Accounts. They are not currently available.

Parent or Guardian does this: Child does this:
Parent registers with Tootsville
Parents set up a child login with a verification method (or more than one)
Parent and Child name Child's Toot character and marks it as a Child account. Child helps Parent choose colors and patterns and name their Toot.
Parent and Child assign a three-symbol Secret Code to the Toot character. Child will need to learn or write down the Toot Name and Secret Code.
Parent or Guardian does this: Child does this:
Child returns to and clicks Play Now
Child clicks the special Child sign-in control. This control will be large, bright, and clearly labeled as “Under 13: Sign In” (precise verbiage to be decided)
Child types their Toot Name (see below) and chooses their Secret Code, then clicks the “Let's Make Some Noise” button
System uses verification mechanism to send Parent a request to play. While Child is waiting, Mist Parrots present a short video reminding child of basics of online safety (don't share personal information, etc)
Parent receives verification signal from game — probably an e-mail. Mist Parrots interact with Child while they wait.
Parent confirms sign-in permission Mist Parrots allow Child to begin play
Parent can later revoke permission or set time limit for game play. Mist Parrots enforce time limits and remove Child from game when they expire.
Child leaves game play by quitting or time expired
System may send Parents notification of time in game and other journal information such as player interactions Child cannot re-enter game without signing in again
Parent receives sign-in request but declines permission. Mist Parrots inform Child that they cannot enter the game.
Parent does not reply to sign-in request for “a long time” (To Be Determined) Child can re-send request to join game after that time elapses, and continue to watch curated video clips with the Mist Parrots.

Parent Authorizations[edit]

The main authorization method will probably be e-mail. Parents will receive a verification e-mail message with clearly-labeled Yes, Play or No buttons (web links). Clicking Yes will return a success screen with options to set time limits and other forms of supervision.

SMS (text message) authorizations would be great, as well, or perhaps “robo-calls” that parents could navigate. (A recorded call where parents enter a PIN and interact with Touch-Tone keys.) However, these options would cost money to operate — we might have to offer these as a sort of “premium” service. (This does not violate the “really free” standard because this is an additional feature that does not affect game play, as a convenience for parents who would wish to subscribe to that service.)

Waiting For Parents Mode[edit]

While waiting for parental authorization, the Mist Parrots should do “something” to entertain the waiting child. Some ideas have been tendered such as playing short, “G-rated” movie selections from a curated list of free programming.

Once permission is received, the child would see an option to sign in immediately, or be allowed to finish watching the current clip.

Time Limits / Kick Function[edit]

The normal option is for parents to authorize “xxx hours” of play time. When we get close to the end of that time, an on-screen countdown timer (5 minutes?) should remind the child to “wrap up.”

Parents can click the same e-mail link again and reduce the time remaining down to (10 minutes minimum?) to remove their child early without “kicking them out” immediately.

An immediate “kick” function is probably also possible but seems mean …

Secret Code Entry[edit]

Children's Toot access is controlled by their parents or guardians. However, in order to keep random users from “spamming” others' parents with requests, children must pick a code made up of three symbols, one from each of three sets of five symbols.

Again: This code is only there to prevent random people from sending requests to parents. We know this is a very “weak” password system.

The set of symbols may vary depending on the Toot Name entered. Accounts created now may need to have their Secret Code adjusted if the symbols they use in the early preview edition are no longer available later.

This is all very much “in flux.”


We have already adjusted the colors for better contrast and clearer selections, but here was the first draft of the child login box: