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The following table can be used to estimate whether a certain web browser will be able to play Tootsville. See Minimum Requirements for other influential factors.

We test most thoroughly with and encourage the use of Firefox.

Browser Name OS Expected Status Test Date/Result
Google Chrome Android ✓ OK
Google Chrome Debian GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Google Chrome Fedora GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Google Chrome MacOS ✓ OK
Google Chrome Microsoft Windows ✓ OK
Google Chrome Ubuntu GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Chromium Debian GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Chromium Fedora GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Chromium MacOS ✓ OK
Chromium Microsoft Windows ✓ OK
Chromium Ubuntu GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Edge Microsoft Windows 10  ?
Mozilla Firefox★ Android ✓ OK
Mozilla Firefox★ Debian GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Mozilla Firefox★ Debian GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Mozilla Firefox★ Fedora GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Mozilla Firefox★ Haiku ✓ OK
Mozilla Firefox★ MacOS ✓ OK
Mozilla Firefox★ Microsoft Windows ✓ OK
Mozilla Firefox★ Ubuntu GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Microsoft Windows 7 ✗ No
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft Windows 8.1 ✗ No
Opera Android ✓ OK
Opera Debian GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Opera Fedora GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Opera MacOS ✓ OK
Opera Microsoft Windows ✓ OK
Opera (“Web Browser”) Nintendo DS ✗ No
Opera (“Internet Channel”) Nintendo Wii ✗ No
Opera Nintendo WiiU  ?
Opera Ubuntu GNU/Linux ✓ OK
Safari iOS  ?
Safari MacOS  ?
Safari Microsoft Windows  ?
“Web” (webkit) Android  ?
“Web” (Epiphany; webkit) Debian GNU/Linux ✓ OK
“Web” (Epiphany; webkit) Fedora GNU/Linux ✓ OK
“Web” (Epiphany; webkit) Ubuntu GNU/Linux ✓ OK