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Getting Help[edit]

Don't Post Here![edit]

This Wiki-Wiki is not for posting problems. Please use these guides if they're helpful, but after trying these guides, contact an operator for further assistance.

System Requirements[edit]

Google Accounts Support[edit]

  • Trouble with your Google account? Visit — we can not help you with that. (This includes if you forgot your Google account password.)

Crashes? Bugs? Problems?[edit]

Sorry, right now these are mostly expected. Once the game is made publicly available we'll have some troubleshooting guides up here.

If All Else Fails …[edit]

Write to

Only if this is an ACTUAL REAL LIFE emergency[edit]

Really Real Emergencies[edit]

If it's a serious emergency, and you need help from police, fire, or ambulance services, call:

If you are thinking of harming yourself, help is available.

Real life emergencies about Tootsville[edit]

Again, is our primary e-mail address.

From the USA or Canada only: a phone number will be getting put online again sooner or later, but is not available right now.

This is not an 888 area code, toll-free number, and it's likely that you'll reach voice mail during business hours, but if this is a REAL LIFE emergency someone will get back to you very shortly.

You could call this number from overseas, but you'll have to pay overseas calling rates. You should probably use e-mail instead.