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If you need help in the game, you may be able to contact one of the Operators to help you.

Operators are experienced players who are volunteering to help out with the game world, but they have limited “powers.” Mostly, what they can do is talk to you and try to help you solve the problems yourself.

Operators are not babysitters or a “hint line.” They do not help solve puzzles, navigate mazes, and so forth.

Having trouble finding an address in town? An Operator might be able to help. Don't understand how to work your fishing rod? They'll be happy to try to explain it to you.

Getting Real-World Help[edit]

If you have an emergency in the real world, you should contact someone in the real world to help. To reach police, fire, or medical (ambulance) services, call your local emergency services number, like 911 in the USA. If you are thinking of harming yourself in real life, help is available. Our Operators are not able to assist in the real world, but can try to help you to contact someone who can, in an emergency.

Using voice or video chat[edit]

You can reach an operator on your (in-game!) mobile phone by dialing “0” (zero). You'll find this number is permanently in your address book and Friend List as “Operator.”

If there is no Operator online right now, you'll be informed of that fact. You can still leave a text message.

Using in-game text chat[edit]

You can send an (in-game!) short message on your (in-game!) mobile phone by sending it to “0.” You'll find this number is permanently in your address book and Friend List as “Operator.”

Even if no operator is online right now, your message will be delivered when one is online.

Operator Rooms[edit]

The Operator can remove you from the game to a special, empty space called an Operator Room. When you finish your conversation with the Operator, they can return you to where you were, or you can go back, yourself, by stepping into the glowing blue box labeled “Back To Where You Were.”

Operator Rooms are actually in Tootsville (city), so you can also walk out the door labeled “Exit to Tootsville” if you don't want to go back.

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