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Harmony is all about teaching peace and non-violent communications. She's also known to be a big fan of birdwatching, camping, hiking, and exploring the Tootengessi Savannah

In Tootsville IV[edit]

In Tootsville IV, Harmony would often be found in the Enchanted Forest. If you mentioned something being dirty or polluted to her (perhaps because of Smudge), she would offer to give you a mop and bucket to clean it up. She would also add you too her friends list, and pay you for cleaning up Smudge's messes. After a certain amount of cleaning up after Smudge, she would also give away particular, unique reward items (of which there were two sets, Level One and Level Two gifts).

Harmony had specific dialogue reactions to mentions of Shade, Smudge, Shadow, Wellduh, and Smudge, and the /peace emote.

Game operators could force Harmony to appear or disappear at any time just by saying “Hello, Harmony” or “Good-bye, Harmony” in the Enchanted Forest, but unless otherwise instructed, she would appear during odd-numbered hours of the day (in Eastern Time).

The special Harmony avatar was the first Toot avatar to be able to sit down.

Some actual dialog for Harmony, at one time. (The items she gave away for level one and two rewards changed from time to time.)

# Harmony
# Appears in Enchanted Forest area on every odd-numbered hour. Walks
# in from stage left and positions herself at a certain place, waiting
# for kids. At the end of the hour, walks away.

#Question: What if a kid ask Harmony, "Where is Smudge?"
npc.Harmony.hearSmudge=Hurry! Smudge is making a mess of Tootsville. \
	Please help me clean up his smudgy messes.
# Kid walks near to Harmony, is not yet on her buddy list:
npc.Harmony.greet.0=I need your help!
# Kid walks within a small radius of Harmony (100/200 px):
npc.Harmony.proximity=Smudge is making a mess of Tootsville. \
	Will you be my buddy and help me clean up?
# sends buddy request to kid

# Kid turns down buddy request:
npc.Harmony.nonBuddy=Oh! OK. If you want to help later, just come back.
# Kid accepts buddy request:
# grant (BUCKET+SCRUBBER) -> kid
npc.Harmony.buddy0=Please take this basic mop and help me \
	clean up.
npc.Harmony.buddy1=Just walk up to any of Smudge's messes and \
	they'll be erased.
npc.Harmony.buddy2=After cleaning, come back to me, and you will be \
	rewarded for your effort!

# Kid returns to Harmony:
# No slicks cleared:
npc.Harmony.noClean=Thank you for helping, %s, but you haven't \
	cleaned any of the smudges, yet. Find smudges for me, and you \
	will be rewarded.
#with new slicks cleared:
npc.Harmony.cleaning=You have found %d smudges, %s. Good job! \
	You've earned %d peanuts.
# after any reward:
npc.Harmony.postReward=We still need your help. Find some more smudges.
npc.Harmony.level1=You have been promoted to Handy Dandy Helper! \
	   Here is the Super Duper Mop
npc.Harmony.level2=You have been promoted to Crew Chief! \
	Here is the Vac Pack 1000
#Reaction to /peace emote:
npc.Harmony.peaceReply=That's great! Peace, Love, and Harmony!