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Telephone Numbers for Tootsville[edit]

Please note, these numbers are not answered by human beings. These are numbers used by the game to send text messages or voice recordings.

If you receive a call or text message from Tootsville, it will come from one of these numbers.

United Kingdom[edit]

From within the UK, that would generally appear as (01250) 770075 and the number (only) is located in Blairgowrie, Scotland, UK.

This is the number we use for numbers in the UK (only).

United States and Worldwide[edit]

(954) is one of the area codes for Broward County (including Fort Lauderdale), Florida, United States.

This is the number we generally use for US and International numbers outside of Europe. It is generally a “domestic” call or text message charge for the entire +1 “country” code, including the US and Canada.