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Soccer is a sport where colorful elephants kick a ball into a goal without touching it with their hands or trunks.

There are soccer fields:

You can buy soccer balls and uniforms at Superstar Sporting Goods

Tootsville Footy Rules[edit]

Here are the rules for playing soccer with elephants. They're a bit simpler than human rules.

The referee puts the ball into the center of the field, and the two teams square off, each on the side of their own goal.

Each team can pick a goaltender. The goaltender stands in front of the goal net. If the ball hits the goaltender, they catch it and can throw it back into play.

When the referee blows their whistle, players can run into the ball to kick it toward their opponents' goal.

If the ball goes out of bounds, the other team gets to kick it back into play.

When either team gets a goal, the referee counts a point for that team.

The game continues until the timer runs out.

Starting a match[edit]

To start a match, go to the sign up sheet and register your teams.

You don't have to have uniforms, but some magic items and all vehicles (except wheelchairs) are forbidden.