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Res Interactive, LLC created four versions of the Tootsville game between 2008-2010, and continued to operate Tootsville IV until some time in late 2012.


Tootsville V is a community-built resurrection of Tootsville by CIWTA.

Old Tootsville Links[edit]

If you find old reviews, blog entries, or other information about Tootsville (pre-2014 destruction), feel free to add them here.

Official Res Content[edit]

Things created/posted by the Res staff

Official YouTube Channels[edit]

Staff Portfolios[edit]

  • Sean King was the main artist for the Tootsville IV user interface, the MasterToot, and many other features. There's lots of Tootsville goodies on his Portfolio (click Portfolio, then Game):

Players' Blogs[edit]