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Tootsville V is really free. For real!

Not just merely free, really most sincerely free[edit]

When we say “really free,” we mean:

  • There is no cost to register
  • There is no price to subscribe
  • There are no in-game purchases to make

This is entirely a not-for-profit, volunteer effort, by the CIWTA team.

This is not a “free to play” game where we hit you up for premium purchases, or lock you out from some in-game content.

But, if you want…[edit]

However, it does cost money to run. If you enjoy Tootsville, you may:

  • Purchase “swag” items through an official channel, like T-shirts. A portion of the proceeds will go towards our costs. Merchandise
  • Just donate money toward expenses: Financial Contributions
  • If you know a particular thing you would like to see done, you can offer Builder Bounties.


We may offer access to some game-related features through SMS (text messaging) or by telephone. Those features will cost us extra, and so we may ask members that use them to pay for the cost. We have not made any decisions on that subject yet.