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The Paperdoll display is used to select or show off Equipment, Wardrobe, or Badges.

In the game[edit]

You can touch or click the small paperdoll icon at the bottom-right of the game screen to bring up the full display.

On the Equipment tab, touching an item will select it to be your currently-usable item. Touching it again will put it away.

On the Wardrobe tab, each type (article) of clothing appears in its own section. Touch once to wear, again to remove.

On the Character tab, you can select your colors and Pattern, and your Toot Voice.

You can also see your Badges and Passport.

For other players[edit]

If you open the Paperdoll display to full size, filling your display, a Changing Screen will appear in front of your character.

From the web[edit]

You can embed a “live” image of your paperdoll on your web page or blog with the Builder:Paperdoll API