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NAT, or Network Address Translation, was a “hack” that enabled Internet Protocol, Version 4, addresses to be shared between users. It was meant as a short-term solution until everyone upgraded to Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) — over a decade ago.

(There is no IPv5.)

The mesh networking used by Tootsville V, like many multiplayer games, does not work as well if your network uses NAT. However, you can usually fix this with some settings on your Internet router, if you need to.

The Gossip Mice will tell you if you have this problem.

How to detect NAT[edit]

If you are behind NAT, your computer will report a different Internet Protocol (IP) address than what is seen by the outside world.

Find your computer's IP address and Find out your public IP address. If these do not match, you are probably behind NAT.

The Gossip Mice can also detect network problems like NAT and will inform you.

What to do about NAT?[edit]

You may want to Set up your router for best performance.