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This does not work yet

You can control your Toot character using a gamepad.


Supported web browsers[edit]

  • Firefox (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Chrome (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

Supported gamepad devices[edit]

Certain Bluetooth controllers may work. Android gaming devices like Ouya, Razer, etc will be supported at some point.
GNU/Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, others)
  • Most USB gamepads or joysticks will work “out of the box.”
  • Special support for Bluetooth controllers, including using the Wii Remote (held sideways), are in the works.
  • Older, non-USB gamepads should also work if their drivers are set up correctly
The XBox360 Wired USB controller and certain compatible gamepads with XInput drivers. See for some devices known to work.
The XBox360 Wired USB controller with a special driver: is the only model expected to work “out of the box.”

Setting Up[edit]

  • Sign in to Tootsville.
  • Once the game is connected (green stripey border), press any Gamepad button.
  • A Mist Parrot will appear and try to guess the layout of your controller.
    • If they have correctly shown your layout, you're done. Press the button they ask you to (usually START or similar).
    • If your gamepad is not known to us, they'll ask you to push various buttons and controls to build up a mapping. Follow the Parrot's instructions.


The mapping of these controls may be a bit different for your game pad. In the control panel, click the Gamepad icon ( 🎮 ) to view the mapping.

The below is general/typical for most gamepads:

In Game[edit]

Move your Toot
Left stick or directional pad
Look around
Right stick or alternate control
“Do something”
The main button (usually bottom-most button)
  • Open/close doors and other items
  • Push buttons
  • View someone's Player Card
  • Other actions usually triggered by clicking on things in the game world
Use the currently-selected equipment item in your inventory
Second button (usually right-most button)
Switch to Chat box
third button (usually left-most)
Open your own Player Card
Left shoulder button (may be L1)
Grab item to push/pull
Right shoulder button (may be R1)
Switch to a pop-up interface control (chat, Player Card, &c)
topmost button

Menus and Dialogs[edit]

When a user interface object like Player Card, Control Panel, &c is open:

Move selection highlight
Left stick or directional pad
Make a selection
Bottom and/or rightmost button
Close or hide interface or back out
leftmost button
Switch between open interface windows
topmost button