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Parents' and Guardians' Guide How we interact with your child. Introduction

In order to sign in to tootstest, you must be above the age of 13 and have a Google Account. It is not allowed for a child under the age of 13 to sign up for a Google Account.

We will let Google use their superior resources to prosecute violators of their terms of service. However, we do allow parents or guardians to create characters in tootstest for their children.

Throughout this document, we'll use the phrase "Guardian" to mean parent, older sibling, teacher, babysitter, legal guardian, Guardian Ad Litem, foster parent, grandparent, or any other person responsible for the care of a child. How Children can Play

You can create a Child character from the My Account screen that appears when you first sign in to tootstest, or when you click on your Google Account portrait in the status screen.

You can allow your spouse, co-parent, or other guardian have access to your Child's account, as well. You can decide whether to give this other Guardian permanent or temporary permission.

Whenever your child wants to play tootstest, you will sign in with your account, and then select your Child's account. You will then be able to "Lock In" your Child's character. Once your Child has been "Locked In," you will have to sign in again to access your own account. Your Child will not be able to access your account, or other children's accounts linked to it, while locked in. Playing Together

You can play the game together as a family if you have several Internet-ready devices. Check the minimum requirements. You can sign in with your own character on your mobile phone, for example, and sign in (and "lock in") your Child's character on your laptop computer. Identifying Child Accounts

All players should be aware that the Diamond ◆ symbol appears next to children's character names.

This should help them understand to avoid discussing mature topics around your child. Parental Mute

If you are online on another device while your child is playing, you can optionally Mute other players' dialog around them. Your child will then be able to see dialog only from yourself, other members of your family group, or other members of their Friend List. Some non-human characters (robots/software agents) can also speak to children.

We recommend that you use care with Parental Mute, however, as it can hamper their ability to play the game if they are not accompanied by an adult or other player who can act as their "ears." Concerns

If you have concerns about this policy, please contact any game operator or send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to address it.