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Copyrights and Other Rights

Know Your Rights.

This video game and web site are a "copyrighted work" protected under US and international laws.

The owners have the exclusive right to display, perform, copy, and create new works from this site/game. However, we share some of those rights with you.

Fair Use

You can make "fair use" of this work under some circumstances. This means that you can quote from it in a review, commentary, or so forth. Columbia University Library has put together a checklist you can use to explore your Fair Use rights.

Use as a Player

Obviously, the game is here to be played. Your web browser will download parts of the game during play, such as scripts, art, or music — even this document. We allow you to do so, of course, but your use of those materials does not give you ownership of them.

Open Source and Free (Libre) Software Rights

Some (most) of the software we use is available to you under Open Source licenses. This means that you can download, review, and even modify that software for your own (other) use. There are limits to these licenses, however. For example, it is not permitted to connect to our main game servers with a modified version of the software, because this could allow cheating or other unwanted events. If you are a programmer, learn about our open source and Free software investment here: Core:FOSS

Making Contributions

See Contributing and Copyright