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One of the Basic 8

Owner of Sparkle's Jewelry

Old sign-up page[edit]

“Sparkle is Tootsville's own aspiring actress. She can't wait to see her name lit up in lights or to make her mark on the Tootswood Blvd. She adores jewelry, perfume and the finer things in life and prides herself on being Tootsville's resident fashionista! When Sparkle isn't jet-setting around Tootsville, you'll spot her in TootsMall with her shopping bag in tow! I Just Love Things that Sparkle!”


There never was any location named “Tootswood Blvd.” designed. “TootsMall” was an early name for Toot Square Mall.

Sparkle was originally going to be named “Joy;” her name was changed very early, before the Hillside Demo.

In Tootsville IV, the Sparkle NPC had very little possible dialog, but was usually found wandering in the mall.

If she wandered more than a few screens away from the mall, she would try to find her way back, complaining about being lost to everyone on her way.

npc.Sparkle.goodMorning=Good morning!
npc.Sparkle.intro=I'm Sparkle! I'm one of the Basic 8!
npc.Sparkle.gotLost=Oops! I got lost.
npc.Sparkle.hello.2=How are you doing?
npc.Sparkle.hello.3=Hello, there, yourself!
npc.Sparkle.hello.4=How Tooterrific!
npc.Sparkle.say=I'm bored.