Lil MC

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Pronounced “Lil M. C.”
Lil M.C.!

One of the Basic 8

Pattern: White with black eighth-notes ♪♪♪

Full name may be “Lillian McCorkle,” although it's never been nailed down solidly.

  • EDIT USER:Shader: Once was given the name Lil Madison Colby on the blog during a contest, however may not be original name.


Was originally meant to be a boy character named “Li'l MC” as in “little,” but the apostrophe caused technical problems, so she was recast as “Lil.”

Old sign-up page[edit]

“Music, music, music! That's what Li'l MC is all about! He doesn't go anywhere without his MP3 player and his favorite headphones. He's hip to the latest TootTunes and he's the best breakdancer in Tootsville! Li'l MC loves rockin' out on stage in TootsIdol to all his favorite songs! — I Got the Music in Me!”

(Note, this was before “Lil” was renamed and declared as a girl.)