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One of the Basic 8

Pattern: Yellow with spots

Old sign-up page[edit]

“Dottie is our resident social butterfly and loves making new friends. In her spare time you'll find her playing tic tac toot, scrap-booking or listening to Tootsville audiobooks. You can always count on Dottie for the inside scoop on all of Tootsville's exciting news. Dots Rule!!!”


There was actually some work done in Tootsville II for playing audiobooks. The plan was to download the stories into a special MP3-equipped Toot plush.

At one point, there were several MP3-only plushes made, which were sent around the country to various people. Later, the Engineering team “butchered” a plush to equip it with a fully-rigged computer for demos.

Dottie was also meant to be the editor of the Herd Herald newspaper.