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A villain.

Shade is a big black-and-purple “cloud” made up of bad wishes. He's made of the same stuff as Tootangan Wish Mist.

Since he's not “alive,” per se, he has no conscience and can never be redeemed.

Shade speaks IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and likes to spell out his laughing HAHAHA BWA HA HA HA!

Since the Evil mayor incident, Shade is “forever” trapped in Shaddow Falls. Lately, he likes to harass the Toots from his Twitter account, @ShadeFollower


Shade began appearing in Tootsville IV and harassing Zap and Mayor Louis.


Errors made by operators and lifeguards in Res Interactive's Tootsville were sometimes blamed on Shade.

Shade was usually controlled directly by Codfish Howie. See Magic Toots