Minimum Requirements

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This page will direct users to a test by which they can determine if their computer or device meets the minimum system requirements to access Tootsville V.

Basics for Today (Pre-5.0.1)[edit]

For early testers, our current supported platform is:

  • Current version of Firefox
  • Desktop or laptop computer or tablet with at least a 12" screen (at least 1200×800 pixels), running Firefox “maximized” or in full screen mode
  • 64-bit OS recommended.
  • Supported (current or previous) version of Fedora GNU/Linux recommended, latest versions of Mac OS and Windows 10 also supported. May/should work on other OS with the latest Firefox
  • 3D hardware acceleration for WebGL
  • Broadband Internet
  • 4-8GiB RAM recommended
  • Mouse (or equivalent) and keyboard
  • Sound system (speakers or headphones)

Expected Basics[edit]

  • An HTML5 web browser with current patches (updates), such as Mozilla Firefox. See Browser Compatibility
  • A computer or device running the latest version of a major OS like Android, GNU/Linux, iOS, MacOS, or Microsoft Windows. We recommend and test extensively with Fedora.
    • We recommend a 64-bit system with 64-bit operating system and web browser.
    • We recommend at least a Dual-Core processor.
    • We recommend 3D Acceleration compatible with your hardware, OS, and browser WebGL.
    • We recommend at least 2GiB of RAM. More is better. In low-RAM environments, plan to shut down other applications when playing. See Checking System Resources.
    • Local storage, such as a hard drive or SD, with at least 500MiB of space free is advisable.
  • A Broadband Internet connection, such as Cable MODEM, Fiber, or DSL.
    • We strongly advise against playing on a Metered Connection like Mobile Internet, as you will probably incur great costs.
    • We encourage you to avoid, or correct for, NAT connections.
  • A pointing device; this can be a touchscreen, mouse, graphic tablet and stylus, or other similar device.


  • A Gamepad compatible with your web browser.
  • Accessibility Devices that you might need should work with your web browser. See also Web Accessibility.
  • A Keyboard or alternative device for entering text. (A touchscreen “virtual keyboard” may be usable, but not preferable.)