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What Every Player Should Know About Diamond Icons[edit]

As you play, you may see a diamond icon next to your “talk” button, or beside the names of some other players.

Black Diamond ◆[edit]

A Black Diamond marks a child under the age of 13. Please take care in what you say in front of children.

White Diamond ◇[edit]

A White Diamond marks a Sensitive Player. These players have voluntarily placed this icon there to indicate that they would appreciate if you would refrain from profanity or frank “adult” subject matter around them.

Icon beside Talk button[edit]

When a child or sensitive player is nearby and could “hear” what you say, a diamond icon will appear beside the “talk” box to let you know. Think of this as a polite reminder to “watch your language.”

“Be Nice!” warning[edit]

If a player is offended by what you're saying, you may see the “Be Nice!” warning. Please be courteous to others.

If an Operator has to get involved, they may "ask" you to leave the game for a while. Or enforce it. Yes, we mean you can be banned for violating the Terms of Service. Be nice, really.

Adults Only areas[edit]

If you want to talk to your friends about adult topics, like alcohol, smoking, sex, or anything that others might consider offensive, you may want to visit an Adults Only area.